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3D Mark My Time bookmark timer

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3D Mark My Time bookmark timer Sale


Add a new dimension to your reading!  Mark-My-Time bookmarks now in 3D collectible sets!

Convenient-easy to set timer to count down or accumulate reading time.  Motivational-encourages kids to read often and independently while helping them to record time for school or library reading logs.  Portable-Encourage reading anytime and anywhere with a design that can remain in the book and be “on the go” like you are.  Time is stored in the bookmark until you delete it.  This bookmark is ideal for timed math fact activities, music practice sessions, homework study sessions and more.  Parents and teachers across the country confirm that Mark-My-Time bookmarks are a great way to get kids excited about reading and wanting to read more.

Made of durable polyethylene plastic and now available in three cool 3D Royce animal images, a Snow Wolf, Turtle Town and a special “in motion” T-Rex which transforms from reptile to skeleton.  These  exciting new bookmarks will be shipping, just in time for the holidays at only $11.95.

At the top is a digital clock that’s powered by a replaceable watch battery.  Choose  to set a countdown timer with alarm that alerts readers when they have completed their required reading time or use the cumulative timer, which stores up to 100 hours of reading time over multiple sessions until the reader chooses to delete it.  A 60-second countdown/count up feature displays seconds at the  one-minute mark to aid in fluency checks.

AGES 5 AND UP | Dimensions: 1-3/4" x 7-3/4"