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5 pound Kinetic Sand -Waba Fun

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Kinetic Sand 5 Pounds

Sand in Motion!

  • Great for Developmental skills and Learning Minds!
  • Bring the beach indoors! Sand stays clumped
  • Wont Spread all over.
  • Conforms to the safety directives for the US and EU markets.
  • Shipping weight: 6 pounds


Remarkably, Kinetic Sand moves by itself as you work with it. It continually rearranges itself. Squeeze it, shape it, build something small. Build something big. Visibly it quick-melts, and the movement is fascinating!

It looks like real sand, because it is 98% pure sand. It moves like dense fluid without making a mess. That's the 2% of non-toxic polymer. It sticks to itself, so cleanup is a breeze.

Kinetic Sand soothes and engages both kids and adults, in schools, at work, in therapy sessions, and at home.

Not all things are permanent, except maybe fascination with Kinetic Sand.


  • Indoor play sand with properties of motion
  • Different from traditional sand play, the sand moves!
  • Enhances sensory awareness, fine motor skills, and creativity
  • Stress reducing, maintains attention
  • Great for sensory issues and therapy use
  • Build small structures; watch large structures quick-melt before your eyes
  • No directions needed, ideal for individuals or groups
  • No mess, designed for indoor play
  • 98% real sand covered in a 2% non-toxic binding agent
  • No fluid within, no place for bacteria to grow
  • Non-toxic and gluten free
  • Never dries out!
  • Exceeds all US and European standards for safety


    Age 3+