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Family Charades by Outset Media

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Family Charades by Outset Media


Family Charades

No more time spent thinking up good charades - the fun starts as soon as the box is opened. With both easy and challenging charades, and with charades for different tastes and interests, the Family Charades In-A-Box Compendium is THE perfect game for you next family game night.

Six Games in one box:
- Picture Charades for the 4+ age group. Picture Charades makes it easy for the wee ones to act out. The best part- the pictures are open to interpretation, and it's up to the children to decide what they are supposed to be acting.
- Kid's Charades (ages 7+) Easy to read and easy to act, these Charades are perfect for youngsters who want to act out and have fun.
- Family Charades (ages 8+) Slightly more challenging, a little more fun. And oodles of laughter for the whole family.
- Animal Party Charades (ages 10+) All about wacky animal sayings, perfect fun for the whole family.
- Hollywood Charades (ages 12+) jam packed with everything from the world of entertainment and pop culture.
- Time Capsule Charades (ages 14+) A stroll down memory lane with charades from the 70's, 80's and 90's.

Three sand-timers and a jumbo dice add an element of surprise - you'll never know what is coming next! So gather round the family living room, slide the coffee table out of the way, and act your heart out! You'll be laughing, cheering, and groaning as team’s battle their way to the charades hall of fame. It's so fun you'll want to play again and again!