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Helmet ID


Helmet ID


The Sport ID - Helmet ID system provides paramedics & first attenders with your emergency contacts and medical / allergy information in the event of an accident - This ID system could save your life!

The system is unique as it is designed to be attached to the outside of the helmet enabling paramedics to easily access the riders ID without the need to move the patient or remove their helmet (important to reduce the potential for neck & spinal trauma!)
  • Utilizes 3M Scotchlite® yellow reflective material. The system is also supplied with 2x additional 3M reflective sticker sheets to attach to your helmet or bike! - Ensuring you are easily seen in low light conditions
  • Lightweight & discreet
  • 100% waterproof and extremely durable
  • You'll never forget your ID - always attached to your helmet
  • ID card fits inside inner pocket - out of sight in normal use
  • Easily updated - spare ID card included
  • "Helmet Safe" adhesive used to attach ID system to helmet
  • Great for adults and children!


The I.C.E. designation displayed on the Sport ID - Helmet ID system is an internationally recognized acronym that enables paramedics to quickly identify the ID system and retrieve the riders ID.
Originally the I.C.E. designation was used to identify emergency numbers stored on a cell phone, the designation is recognized by paramedics & medical personnel worldwide and is being more widely used and incorporated into a number of safety products.