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Kinetic Sand Triceratops Dino Dig -Waba Fun

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Mix up the realistic Triceratops bones and set them at the bottom of a big container. Drop in the Kinetic Sand, pack it down strong, and then get ready to dig! Hands of all sizes love to grab, mold, dig, and discover with this amazing sand!

Each set includes:

2.2 lbs of kinetic sand, 1 3-D Dino Puzzle skeleton and tools for excavating.


Remarkably, Kinetic Sand moves by itself as you work with it. It continually rearranges itself. Squeeze it, shape it, build something small. Build something big. Visibly it quick-melts, and the movement is fascinating!

It looks like real sand, because it is 98% pure sand. It moves like dense fluid without making a mess. That's the 2% of non-toxic polymer. It sticks to itself, so cleanup is a breeze.

Kinetic Sand soothes and engages both kids and adults, in schools, at work, in therapy sessions, and at home.

Not all things are permanent, except maybe fascination with Kinetic Sand.

  • Indoor play sand with properties of motion
  • Different from traditional sand play, the sand moves!
  • Enhances sensory awareness, fine motor skills, and creativity
  • Stress reducing, maintains attention
  • Great for sensory issues and therapy use
  • Build small structures; watch large structures quick-melt before your eyes
  • No directions needed, ideal for individuals or groups
  • No mess, designed for indoor play
  • 98% real sand covered in a 2% non-toxic binding agent
  • No fluid within, no place for bacteria to grow
  • Non-toxic and gluten free
  • Never dries out!
  • Exceeds all US and European standards for safety