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Rollergard, rolling skate gaurd

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Rollergard Rolling Ice Skate Gaurds, Black

You'll be amazed at how much more you get out of your skates once RollerGards transform them for use off the ice. Durable, non-marking indoor/outdoor wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and lightweight plastics are just a few of the engineering features that make RollerGards superior to other skate guards. Our patented design also keeps your blades from ever touching the bottom of your RollerGards, so your skates stay sharper longer.

Size-To-Fit: Size your RollerGards with the wheels, axels and brake. Then cut the excess skate guard off for a customized fit.


  • Warm up, practice plays and learn positions without wasting expensive ice time.
  • Improve your skating stride and build endurance anywhere.
  • Break in your new skates before you ever hit the ice. No more blisters!
  • Save time by showing up to the rink with your skates laced and roll right over to practice.
  • Get more use out of your skates year-round (and before you grow out of them).

The Rollergard Story

What began as a concept for a rolling skate guard quickly grew into RollerGard, a full-fledged company determined to resolve the problems that the average skate guard poses to players. It was never enough for us to simply put wheels on a skate guard, we were on a mission to put the best wheels on the best skate guard, and we succeeded.

Using the highest quality materials and developing technology that had never been applied to a skate guard before, RollerGard emerged not as just one product, but as a company committed to creating sustainable solutions for skaters. Our ever-evolving line of products are engineered and manufactured to exemplify our innovative approach to skate accessories and our belief that the best products are forged without taking shortcuts.

Whether you purchase the fun and efficient RollerGards, the strong and sturdy SuperGards or any of our other products, we guarantee that your skates will be protected for years to come. We hope you enjoy your RollerGard products are much as we enjoy creating them.



Who are RollerGards for?

RollerGards are for anyone looking to get more out of their skates. Young or old, male or female, expert skater or beginner — if you love to skate you will love RollerGards.

What size will I need?

RollerGards are one-size-fits-all out of the package. Once you size your RollerGards with the wheels, axels and brake, you can then cut the excess skate guard off for a customized fit. We further explain this in our assembly video, which you can find a bit further down on this page. If you purchase your RollerGards at your local pro shop, an associate may be able to help you size and cut your RollerGards there.

What tool should I use to cut my RollerGards to fit?

First and foremost, cutting should only be done by an adult. We have found that the best tool for the job is a PVC pipe cutter, but if you don’t have one of those, any sharp saw or blade will work. Please be careful and use caution when cutting your RollerGards.

How big of a skate size can RollerGards and SuperGards fit?

We recommend using RollerGards for skates that are size 9 or smaller SuperGards can accommodate any skate size.

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