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MIGHTYMIND MAKES KIDS SMARTER - A play alone activity for Ages 3-8.
This winner of the Parents' Choice Honor Toy keeps kids busy for hours. MightyMind has been cited by child development experts and educators as an activity toy that develops the essential skills every child needs. It builds their confidence while keeping them creatively busy. MightyMind encourages and entices a child to think, explore and discover the fascinating way simple shapes can be combined to form intricate delightful pictures and designs. Children learn to solve puzzles without assistance. No language or reading is required. Over 3,000,000 sets have been sold in 20 countries around the world. Children benefit every time they play with MightyMind. The set contains 32 colorful durable design tiles, neatly contained in a plastic storage tray with sequentially numbered programmed puzzle cards.

Product Features

  • Award winning child development activity puzzle
  • Kids learn about visual and spatial relationships
  • Features 30 tangram like cards
  • Easy to handle and made of plastic
  • Contains 32 colorful pieces