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Take Out Time Out Mat

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Take Out Time Out Mat is a circular 20" portable rubber mat, with a fabric top. It can fold and fit into almost any purse, pocket or bag. It’s washable, durable, and relevant to all locations; provides a clean spot when used on floors or outside.
TOTO it is the perfect solution to consistently manage child behavior at home and on the go.
Kelly Ripa is a Hollywood mom who is constantly on the go. She uses TAKE-OUT-TIME-OUT and said, “TAKE-OUT-TIME-OUT is my new traveling naughty mat. It works, I swear! And my children do not know that they can get out of it”


  • Portable: fits into any bag or purse Washable: Machine wash, hang dry
  • Flexible: fits on chair, stair or floor
  • Waterproof: provides clean dry spot
  • Durable
  • Can be used anywhere anytime
  • Teaches child to share: when children fight over a toy, place the toy on TOTO until they agree to share
The SUPERNANNY™ demonstrated a “time-out” method on her show. The time out method helps parents stop unacceptable behavior. The time-out method stresses the importance of being consistent with the chosen time out spot. Since TOTO is a thin circular flexible mat, it can fit into almost any purse, bag or pocket.
The time-out method is the most common, effective and successful discipline method used by parents, teacher and caretakers.