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Valentine's Day Printable Treasure Hunt- Download


Valentine's Day Printable Treasure Hunt-  Download


Looking for a healthy alternative to candy for your child’s classmates?   This is perfect activity for 1-10  kids ages 4 and up.  It's also a great game to leave with the sitter for your own kids when you are out on your Valentine's date night!

Simply download and print the treasure hunt.  It takes about 8 minutes to set up but can keep the kids busy and happy for hours!

How It Works

One child, or a number of children working together, can enjoy Clued In Kids treasure hunts.

Each hunt contains a series of clues with activities and puzzles that, when solved, reveal the location of the next clue, and the next, until the treasure is found.

In less than 10 minutes an adult or older child can set up a hunt that will provide an hour or more of excitement for kids.

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1. Select and purchase your  hunt. You will then receive an email with the link to download your printable treasure hunt.2. Hide the clues around a house according to instructions at the bottom of each.  The answer key tells you where to hide the treasure.3. Give the kids Clue #1 and away they go!


  1. Before hiding clues, write a child’s name atop each; assigning clues will minimize squabbles and lets you give trickier clues to older kids, easier to younger.  Assign activity clues to “everyone.”
  2. The treasure you hide at the end of the hunt can be anything – stickers, tattoos, dollar bills, cupcakes, tickets – the true treasure is, of course, the fun and challenge of the hunt itself.

This is what creator, Helen Bertelli has to say about this Valentine's treasure hunt:


"Sweet Relief:  A New Kind Of Valentine

On the way home from carpool today, my second grader pronounced her friends had placed orders for dumdums with their Valentine cards this year.  


Scarred by memories of dejected, valentine-less Charlie Brown, I understand why our generation has made valentines obligatory for every child.  But consider what this has done for the next generation…..placing orders……for dumdums.   Yikes.

I don’t much like candy, especially as my kids have food allergies.  So I searched my brain for alternatives, bringing up my mental map of the Target aisles for ideas.  Dollar bins?  No, no more junky jewelry or bubbles that leak.

Then it came to me.  I’m going to send Ava in to school with printouts of our Valentine’s Treasure Hunt.

It’ll be original. Plus it’ll be cheaper than buying cards and candy for all the kids in her class.

I’m not advocating we return to the dark days of selective/Charlie Brown valentines, but I would like to see more healthy and good ideas for valentines.  And perhaps, this way, Ava’s classmates’ parents will be thankful for slightly less candy or debris to clutter up homes and stomachs.

Click on the Valentine’s pup for the Treasure Hunt, purchase, then print it as many times as you need.

Happy hunting!"  -Helen