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My daughters and their neighborhood friends, ranging in age from 4 to 10, played this game for the first time on our driveway. They loved it. It would be just as suitable as an indoor activity. In this day and age where kids are addicted to devices and video games, this is a great alternative that gets kids active while having fun.

Joshua C.

I Can Do It! Token Board

Perfect for special needs children! My son has ASD. He definitely needs more positive input on his behavior, he thrives with it. His behavior has vastly improved, the need for time outs and such has lessened. I highly recommend this for other children like mine.

Amanda M.

On Track System

This is an awesome chore and behavior tracking system. I was so excited to find a system that is based on actual behavioral science research, is well put together, and is easy to use. A positive, gentle, proven way to help kids stay on track. 

Nora I.

I Can Do It! Reward Chart

You have saved my life!!
This chart has given me IMMEDIATE results with my 4 yr

Sarah in VA

On Track Responsibility System

I have many of the behavior charts made by Kenson. I find them to be very helpful, especially since they have positive behaviors that I can use instead of feeling like I'm picking on negative behaviors all the time

Kristen E.

I Can Do It! Token Board

I am utilizing this token system with two of my students and they are motivated by the stars and the end goal they chose to work for.

Lisa S.

I Can Do It! Reward Chart

Love it!!I needed it to curve my three year old's behavior and it has worked from day one! It's easy to use great quality and I love the clear pictures. My little one is looking forward to adding stars to get her reward every day.

Victoria K.