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10 Things Kids Need to Hear from their Parents

10 things kids need to hear

While kids don’t seem to listen to what we say at times, they do believe most of the things we tell them, especially the things they hear often. In day- to- day life, it’s easy to get caught up in our own stress, daily schedules and endless tasks that we may forget to let our kids know how important they are to us.  We even may take some of our frustrations out on them when they make mistakes but it's important to take a step back and look at the big picture and remember that our words and actions make a big difference in who they become.  Below are a few words or phrases that kids need to hear every day and can empower them to be confident, caring people and motivate them to be the best version of themselves. 

I love you

I love you.

This one may sound like a no brainer but they need to hear it often. They need to know that we love them even when they mess up or disappoint us.

I'm proud of you

 I'm proud of you.

Be specific.  Tell them what you are proud of. It lets them know that you see them and acknowledge things they do.  I'm so proud of you for being such a good friend to the new boy at school or I'm so proud of you for working so hard at soccer practice today. Whenever you see your children displaying an act of kindness, generosity, or other positive behaviors, point it out. It will only encourage them to keep it up.

I believe in you

I believe in you.

We want our kids to do their best and achieve great things and it's really easy to get frustrated when they fall short or don't try. Teens especially are hard enough on themselves. They need to know that you are in their corner no matter what and that you believe in their abilities. It will encourage them to dream big and try for the things they want in life, especially when they feel unsure of themselves.

I'm sorry

I'm sorry.

We all have moments where we lose our temper and say things that are harsh or react too quickly out of anger. Owning up to your mistake teaches our kids a valuable lesson in taking responsibility for our actions. It also demonstrates that you respect them as a person enough to admit that you were wrong.

I'm listening

 I'm listening.

It's important for kids to know that we take the time to actually listen to them. Even when something seems unimportant to us it can mean the world to our kids. Listening and making eye contact lets them know we value what they're saying and will encourage them to come to you when they really need to talk through something.

 What do you think?

 What do you think?

Asking for your kid’s opinion shows them that you value what they think and that it's important to you.

You are so good at...

 You are so good at...

Kids NEED to hear praise from their parents! Compliment them not only on school achievements and athletics but make it a point to praise them for their character as well! 

Be yourself

Be yourself.

It's easy to get caught up in trying to be like everyone else. It's important for kids to know that they are perfect, just the way they are.  Point out that it’s their unique qualities and personality that make them so great!

Be kind

Be kind.

This is something you not only should say regularly to your kids but you should strive to model it every day as well. Be kind to strangers in the grocery store. Be friendly to your neighbors, even the ones you don't particularly like. Kids often hear our actions louder than our words.

 Say no


Don't be afraid to tell them no when they need to hear it. Kids need boundaries and rules. It's often not the easier route to take but it will help shape the kind of person they are. As an adult there will be rules and they won't get everything handed to them. Teaching that from early on will actually give them and advantage as they get older.






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