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On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System Review

Niecyisms reviewed a few of our products, including:

On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System 

Deluxe On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System

"I Can Do It!" Reward Chart

Click here to read the full review. Below are some of her quotes.

" We tried every trick of the trade from tiger parenting to minimalist parenting and all the while, we were getting nowhere fast.  With a swift, stealth quickness, the On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System was unceremoniously affixed to the portal to our tween's post-apocalyptic bedroom."

"Have you ever happened to meet a tween that might need a little extra attention to any of these areas?  Stay with me!  Let's get to the good stuff, you're gonna love this."

"moving forward and moving on, we have gotten our tween On Track!  We are getting him on track and implementing the On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System"

"an earned allowance system didn't seem to work for us"


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