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Kenson Parenting Mother’s Day Give-a-way

Kenson Parenting Mother’s Day Give-a-way

Need a Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea?

Every May as Mothers Day approaches, we start to think about Mother’s day gift ideas.   From jewelry to a spa get away, children and husbands strive to make Mom’s day special. And why not? Moms are special people. While being a Mom is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet it can also be demanding and stressful.

Being a mom owned company, we still say a simple thank you, a big hug and some R& R make the best mother’s day gift a mom can get but Kenson Parenting Solutions would like to make a recommendation for a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving.   Why not give Mom the gift of organization and help make every day of the year a little easier?

Let’s face it, Mom’s today have busy schedules and after balancing jobs, providing taxi services to kids activities, being counselors, teachers, event coordinators, laundry service technicians, master chef’s, maid and other countless titles we could add, Mom’s get tired. With that said, does everyone work as a team in your household to keep Mom’s load manageable? If not, the I Can Do It Reward Chart and the "On Track" Responsibility System can help!

Children need to learn responsibility to become successful adults. Teaching children from a young age to be a “team player” in all they do will increase self esteem, promote independence, and build good character and responsibility. Adding some structure and responsibilities in the household will not only help your children in the long run but will help Mom’s feel less stressed and make life easier for the entire family and not just on Mother’s Day.

This month, in honor of Mother’s Day we will be giving away one "I Can Do It" Reward Chart and one “On Track” Responsibility System each week. Simply like our page and this post to enter for your chance to win a gift that keeps on giving!  Please comment which chart you would like to be entered to win.  The "I Can Do It" Reward chart is ideal for non readers and children with special needs.  The "On Track" Responsibility System is ready for 2 children and works best with Children that can read and write.  Remember,  we can't see your entry unless you like our Facebook page!

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