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New Product from Kenson Kids

Kenson Kids, the makers of the award winning "I Can Do It" Reward Chart, is introducing a new chart perfect for school aged kids. Their new product The "I Can Do It" My Daily Checklist not only helps remind kids of daily responsibilities but it can also be used to reinforce chores and improve problem behaviors. Just as for adults, a daily planner or a to-do list helps kids stay organized. The “I Can Do It!” My Daily Checklist is easy to use and helps young children become more responsible and self-reliant. This is a great tool for parents to teach kids to manage their time and provide structure to their daily routine.  A little incentive goes along way and our reward stars help motivate kids to stay on task and develop healthy habits from an early age.

Kenson Kids is a North Carolina, Mom owned company based in Wake Forest, NC.  The "I Can Do It" Reward Chart was the first of a growing product line produced by two moms, Jennifer Edmundson and Jennifer Kent who started selling their product out of their homes to select North Carolina toy stores across the state.  It slowly became a favorite among parents and now sells nationwide.

Kenson Kids chore and behavior charts help teach kids responsibility, encourage positive behaviors, and improve self-esteem in children.  Jen Kent states "It is our mission to create durable, high quality products that really work and make parenting easier. We strive to give parents the tools they need to help raise more responsible, self-reliant kids." And the parenting reviews they have received seem to confirm this.

 All of the Kenson Kids products are intended for all children but work especially well for children with special needs such as autism, ADD, and other learning disabilities.

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