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Homework Trouble?

 Do you have trouble getting your children to complete their homework without complaining or becoming overly distracted?  As children return to school, some of the first complaints they have are about homework.  While some children like to finish their homework as soon as they get home, many will put it off or fiddle in their seats doing anything but homework.  Here are a few tips you may want to try to help with homework issues.

1.  Designate a quiet place for them to complete their homework.  Some children are actually less distracted if there is classical music playing softly in the background.

2.  Set a scheduled time for them to complete their work and stick to it.  Some parents like their children to get it all done right after school while others prefer for them to have some down time first.  There is no right answer here as all children have different needs.  If possible, sit down with your child and come up with a homework plan together.  If they can come up with a plan of their own, they are more likely to stick with it without complaint. 

3.  Provide a healthy snack for them to munch on prior to sitting down to do their homework if the homework time is before dinner.  Children have a hard time concentrating when they are hungry.

4.  Consider restricting screen time during the school week.  This may seem difficult to implement but they will get used to the restriction and you may be surprised by the results.  Of course, this will be an easier transition if you begin this as soon as they begin school.  

For more homework tips we found this great article:

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