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10 ideas for kids to make Grandparents Day Special

National Grandparents Day is Sunday September 8th. We have searched great ideas for kids to show their grandparents how much they mean to them.   Here’s 10 ideas’ for making Grandparents Day Special:

  1. Make a video telling them what you like most about them.
  2. Homemade cards or crafts are always a hit with grandparents.
  3. Make a photo collage.
  4. Invite them for dinner that the kids make and serve.
  5. Create a crossword puzzle using words that describe them.
  6. Picture mugs, plates and calendars are fun and make a wonderful keepsake.
  7. Conduct a video interview with a grandparent. Ask about their favorite memories, lessons learned and family history.
  8. Write them a poem.
  9. Skype, email, and facebook make it easy for children to spend more quality time talking and interacting with grandparents whether they live near or far away.
  10. Find out what your Grandparents like to do and Plan a day do it with them.

Have a wonderful Grandparents Day!


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