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9 Strategies to Help Parents Find Balance While Working at Home by Lacie Martin

Working from home might sound like bliss to some professionals. But for full-time workers with kids, caring for your family while trying to be productive can throw a wrench in the works. To keep your family (and the entire house) from slipping into chaos, try these strategies for finding balance.

Maintain a Regular Routine

You don’t need a precise schedule to maintain your sanity. A regular family routine can help everyone understand what to expect and when.

Prime Your Kids for Independence

Starting in their toddler years, kids are capable of doing a lot of things on their own. Equip your kids to help the household run more smoothly.

Ease Up on Yourself

Going it alone might be the name of the game, especially if you’re a single parent or have a spouse who works outside the home. But that doesn’t mean all the pressure has to fall on you.

Balancing your household’s needs with your professional goals isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re in charge of the entire brood during work hours, work-life balance can become strained. But by sticking to routines, having your kids help out, and taking time- and sanity-saving shortcuts, you can make things a bit easier.

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