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Kenson Kids Parenting Solutions Now Available in the United Kingdom

(Raleigh, N.C., September 12, 2013) — Kenson Kids, a U.S.-based parenting solutions company specializing in innovative products and practical tools that help parents develop positive behavior and responsibility in children, is now offering products in the United Kingdom through and select toy stores.

The Kenson Kids family of parenting tools quickly gained popularity throughout the U.K. after named its I Can Do It Reward Chart as one of the top five chore charts in the United Kingdom.

“There is a great demand for products that demonstrate how parents can get their children to participate in family chores, abide by family rules and encourage positive behavior,” says Jennifer Edmundson, co-founder of Kenson Kids.

“Distributing our parenting tools through and select retailers gives our U.K. customers a simple way to purchase our products directly,” adds Edmundson.

Kenson Kids provides parents, teachers and caregivers sound tools and techniques to teach children responsibility while increasing self-confidence through positive reinforcement.

The reward charts, preschool chart and potty training system are great for developing positive character traits and tracking and rewarding behaviors and developmental milestones in younger children.

The newest product, the On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System designed for children ages 8 and up, teaches older children organizational skills, accountability and self-reliance.

“Our systems teach parents to start out small when kids are young, giving them responsibilities like putting shoes away, brushing teeth and laying out clothes for the following day.

As they get older, these systems allow children to take on more advanced daily chores and skills like money management,” says Edmundson. “All of our parenting solutions make expectations clear and provide an easy way to track success and award children accordingly,” she adds.


I Can Do It Reward Chart

The I Can Do It Reward Chart is just one of the Kenson Kids parenting solutions products now available to parents in the United Kingdom at and select retailers.

Jennifer Edmundson and Jennifer Kent founded Kenson Kids Parenting Solutions in 2006 because they saw their own families’ need for a clear approach to keeping up with daily chores, enforcing family rules and encouraging positive behavior. The systems they developed worked so well that they began giving them to family and friends and later began selling locally. Their parenting solutions quickly grew into top-sellers throughout the U.S., winning many awards including the Creative Child Magazine Top Choice Award, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and Mom’s Best Award.

Kenson Kids products are available online at and at select toy stores in the U.K.

About Kenson Kids

Moms Jennifer Edmundson and Jennifer Kent founded Kenson Kids, a parenting solutions company based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, in 2006, with a mission to create durable, high quality products that develop positive behavior in children and make parenting easier. All Kenson Kids products are tested and proven to be beneficial to teachers, caregivers, parents and most importantly — their children.

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