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Autism Month Ends, But the Conversation Continues. Award-Winning Parenting Magazine Publishes Guest Blog Article by Kenson Kids' Own, Jennifer Edmundson.

Kenson Kids co-founder, Jennifer Edmundson, has appeared as a guest blogger for the award-winning parenting magazine, Carolina ParentIn her post, Edmundson urges the public to keep the autism conversation going beyond National Autism Awareness Month.

"As a registered psychiatric nurse and local small business owner whose products are used by the autism community," explains Edmundson, "I have witnessed firsthand the difficulties these parents face every single day. 

Edmundson's experience has shown her that the two most important actions parents can take to have a positive impact on their autistic child and family are:

1) Learn to communicate effectively with their autistic child - a challenge for a population that is universally impacted by communication deficits; and

2) Develop a network of support.

The article, which discusses the role of visual aids in bridging the communication gap, and provides a number of national and local resources for parents of autistic children, can be read here.

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