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Break into Spring Cleaning with 5 Useful Tips for Cleaning with Kids

Break into Spring Cleaning with 5 Useful Tips for Cleaning with Kids

Spring is a wonderful season of the year. With the warmer weather and the spring flowers coming up, everything seems fresh and clean. But for us, it is also a time for the dreaded time of spring cleaning.  Kenson Kids has a few tips to help spring cleaning more fun and manageable with 5 helpful tips for cleaning with kids.

Break it up! If you want to get spring cleaning done right, don’t try to do it all in one day. Breaking it down and tackling one room at a time makes the task seem much more manageable and less overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of some tasks by room to get you started. 

Break it Down! Once you’ve created a list, choose some age appropriate chores for your kids to work on and assign. We’ve compiled a list of chores by age as a starting point but you know your kids best and what they can manage. Kenson Kids Sticky Note to do lists are a great way to break it down for the kids so they stay on task and don’t get so overwhelmed.

Break out! Have a little fun with your spring cleaning with fun music to get everyone dancing into action. If you set a goal and get kids to try to get the next task on their list by the time the song ends, it will keep them moving and motivated. If they don’t quite get it done, still praise their effort and encourage them to keep it up! “Great job cleaning those baseboards! I bet you can finish them by the time the next song ends!”

Take a break! Be sure not to overwhelm little ones by taking frequent breaks. Everyone needs a break and a little praise will motivate them to keep going. Create a couple of fun breaks they can look forward to once bigger tasks are complete. For example, have a lemonade break or 15 minutes of play time outside once a room is finished.

Break bad habits! Don’t wait for spring to do all major cleaning. Once you’ve compiled your list of chores break them up next year so you get a little done throughout the year. Set certain rooms for each season. It also helps to start good cleaning habits early. Our I Can Do It! Reward Chart is a great way to establish good habits early and keep spring cleaning to a minimum. Kids are eager to please and the I Can Do It! Reward Chart not only reminds them of tasks that need to be completed, but it reminds you to encourage and motivate them through praise. Completing tasks and hearing your encouragement not only motivates but also boosts their self-esteem.

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