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Christmas Gift Ideas by Kenson Kids® that have Benefits Beyond the Fun

It's true that you may not think of Kenson Kids® while doing your Christmas shopping. After all, we're known for getting kids to start doing chores around the house which is not going to get you the big eyed, wow response you may be looking for (but you may actually be surprised and we'll come back to that) but we actually have some great gift ideas that also happen to to bring out the best in kids and make perfect gifts for kids and preschool teachers. 

Load image into Gallery viewer, Movez™ The Game that Gets Kids Moving! - Kenson Parenting Solutions  Movez® The game that gets kids moving is a fast paced game that combines scavenger hunt, charades, and exercising.   Everyone has to Find it, Act it or Do it before the time runs out.  This is a great family night game that kids just love.  This game is also a must have for preschool teachers and a great way to get the kids moving on rainy days. Click here to Learn more

  Movez Pick n Roll is a fun way to teach and encourage kids to exercise.  Kids love to roll the die and try to complete one of the exercises from the deck.  What may surprise you is how often we are told by teachers that they love this item not only to provide a brief break in the class, but for distracting or refocusing behavior issues as well. Click here to Learn more

Load image into Gallery viewer, Sticky Note Daily Checklist Pad by Kenson Kids – 15 Pack (375 Sheets) - 4x6” task planner, Day Scheduling to do list, Goal Setting Organizational tool for Children and AdultsSticky Note Daily Checklist Pad is brand new and makes a great stocking stuffer for just about anyone.  It is a goal oriented daily to do list in the form of a sticky note pad that helps children and adults add focus to their day. They are also great item for parents to use to teach and promote to their children, the habit of setting goals and making strategies to achieve them. Click here to Learn more

Load image into Gallery viewer, Kid Inspired Dog Care System by Kenson Kids - Kenson Parenting Solutions"I Can Do It" Pet Care Charts are a fun way to get kids involved in taking care of the pets.  And if they are getting a new pet for Christmas this is a must have to not only help establish basic pet care rules but also helps the kids bond with their new pet.  There is a Cat and Dog Care Checklist version that gives kids a visual checklist and reminder of their responsibilities in taking care of their pet.  Click here to learn about Dog Care ChecklistClick here to learn about Cat Care Checklist

Load image into Gallery viewer, "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart by Kenson Kids - Kenson Parenting SolutionsAnd now lastly, back to the I Can Do It Reward Chart . Though it may not be something you would think to gift to others for the Holidays, we do believe if you are a parent of a toddler, this chart makes a great gift to yourself, as a parent and the lessons you can instill in your children using a chart like ours is a gift that will continue to benefit your child for life. Click here to Learn more

All of us at Kenson Kids hope you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with love, happiness, peace and the warmest of family memories!


About our products: Here at Kenson Kids®, we try to create products that are not only fun to use but that bring out the best in kids and develop good habits early in life when habits are forming.  From incentive and chore charts, daily checklists, and ID bands, to potty training, games and stickers, Kenson Kids®’ products help parents, teachers, and caregivers positively influence behavior, manners, and self-esteem, while helping all children thrive at home, school, and in life!





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