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Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Read More

Some fun ways to inspire your kids to read:

  • Read together. Even when they are a little older kids enjoy reading together. You read the left page, they read the right. This is great for spending time together and for discussing what is happening in the book or answering questions they may have.
  • Take weekly trips to the library to let them pick out new things to read. It might help reluctant readers if you do a quick search on the internet for “books that 8 year old boys love” etc.
  • Have your older reluctant reader read an easy book to their younger sibling. Your big kid gets practice and your younger one gets to spend some quality time with their big brother or sister.
  • Remember reading is reading. It can be a chapter book, a joke book, a graphic novel, even a cookbook.
  • You can motivate your children to read by tracking the books they read and setting a small reward once they reach their goal. Our token boards are a fun way to track. 
  • Growing Book by Book has a great guide for preschoolers to starting your own family dinner book club! They have suggestions that include themed menus, decorations, activities and conversation starters. All for free!

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