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Good Neighbor Day 2021

National Good Neighbor Day 2021

Everyone wants to have good neighbors and the easiest way to bring out the best in those around you is to lead by example. Want to have good neighbors? BE a good neighbor.  Model for your kids that it's easy to be kind and friendly. Get them involved and let them see how good it feels to help someone or brighten their day.  A tiny act of kindness can change someone else's entire day or even influence how they treat others in the future. 

Simple ways to celebrate Good Neighbor Day: 

1. Arrange a neighborhood potluck or get together outside.
2. Share some treats from your garden or baked goods with a neighbor or two.
3. Draw notes and pictures on the sidewalk with chalk
4. Leave a sticky note compliment on your neighbors’ mailbox
5. Introduce yourself to someone new
6. Take a family walk and pick up any trash you see
7. Help if you see someone that can use it. Bringing in groceries and bringing a          trashcan in.
8. Simply smile and be friendly

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