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Kenson Kids Co-Founder Quoted in Article on Common Discipline Mistakes

Kenson Kids Co-Founder, Jennifer Edmundson, was quoted in an article that appeared on the parenting website,, earlier this week.

In the article, "The Most Common Discipline Mistakes Parents Make," Edmundson encourages parents to be proactive rather than reactive, and emphasizes the importance of being consistent with discipline.

"Too often, busy parents threaten consequences without following through. This can be very confusing to children," Edmundson says. "Being considerate of a child’s feelings and clear about behavioral expectations — while also being firm and consistent with the consequences of not meeting those expectations — takes patience and effort, but it will make a lasting impact on a child." was launched in 2018 and covers the joys, challenges and surprises of modern family life. The site receives 1.5 million website views per month.

You can read the full article here. 

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