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National Food Bank Day: Getting Kids Involved

National Food Bank Day: How to get kids involved

Friday, September 3, 2021, is National Food Bank Day. The annual event—held the first Friday in September—encourages Americans to remember that no one should go to bed hungry.

Nationwide, food banks help assist the 42 million Americans who struggle with food insecurity.

1 in 6 kids don’t have enough to eat each day. Chances are your child goes to school with someone that silently struggles with hunger. Supporting your local food bank or food pantry is an easy way to introduce your kids to the idea of helping people in their community. There are many ways to get kids involved, talking to your kids about this important issue early and working together as a family will go a long way ending childhood hunger.

  • Help them organize a canned food drive at school or church, most food banks have a list of current needs on their website.
  • They can host a lemonade stand to raise money or ask for food donations on their birthday party invitation.
  • Let them decorate a donation jar to keep in your house and gather loose change. At the end of the month you can shop together or donate the money that you collected.
  • Simply having the conversation about hunger will open your child’s mind and inspire them to come up with ways to help.

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