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Parenting Tips on Halloween Fun and Safety

Halloween has always been one of my kid’s favorite holidays.  I love looking back at the pictures and fun times but every year, especially when the 31st fell on a school day, I was not the biggest fan of this holiday at all!  A little planning can make this night more enjoyable for everyone.   So here some tips for having a happy healthy and safe Halloween.

Plan Dinner ahead of time- Kids are less likely to fill up on candy on a full stomach so make sure they eat well before they head out.  Crock Pot dinners are easy and help with time.  Visit our pinterest page for kid friendly recipes.

Get them to lay out their Halloween costumes the night before- The last thing you need to hear in the after-school chaos is to hear this one needs something from the store or that one can’t find their whatever.

Stock up on snack baggies-  Once the candy is home, if you don’t ration it, they will eat it!  Another alternative to avoid tooth decay is encouraging the kids to donate their candy to the troops or there is even a buy-back program with local dentist offices.    

 Use battery powered candles to light your pumpkins- Using candles in pumpkins can not only be a fire hazard, but can burn the curious trick or treater’s that comes to your door.  The battery powered lights can be found in most dollar stores.

Make sure they can be seen-  Black is often a favorite color to wear on Halloween.  Add some reflective tape to their back or on their trick or treat bags or some glow sticks for them to wear or carry.

Review the rules for crossing the street-  Remind kids that it might be hard for cars to see them and to make sure they stay on sidewalks, only cross at intersections and look before crossing.

Cell phones- if you let your older kids go out by themselves try to make sure they have a cell phone (even if you lend them yours) and know how to call you on it and 911. 

Use Kenson Kids Travel ID band – Our id bands hold contact information that other adults can use to contact you if your child gets separated from the group. Use coupon code October25 for 25% off Id bands this month.

For more safety tips, the American Academy of Pediatrics has some great ones!

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