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A few Things I Wish I Thought of When My Kids were Young- Parenting Tips on Preserving Memories of Your Children

Whats wrong with this picture?

I came upon this picture the other day. I remember that my daughter painted it and thinking this was so good I wanted to keep it so she could look at it again someday but I have no clue when she actually created this masterpiece!  Furthermore, after all these years, the edges are torn and there are rust looking stains on it from being packed in a box in the garage for so long.  So I thought I would pass on a few things young parents may be interested to know that I wish I had thought of when my children were young in terms of saving memories.  Because believe it or not, some things you think you could never forget, you do!

 I have boxes of artwork that my children brought home from school through the years but time has unfortunately done a number on them.  So…

  1. When your children bring home artwork, put a date on it and have them sign it AND take a picture of it! This way you can not only preserve it for a lifetime but there are tons of things you can do with them in picture form.   A scrapbook of memories with their artwork included makes a great graduation present for them when they get older!

When my kids were young we didn't have smart phones to capture precious memories we never wanted to forget. But even with Smart phones, the funniest moments will happen when you're not videotaping.  There were so many things my kids said that I thought I would never forget or I would even say to myself, “I need to write this down when I get home”, but never did.  So…

  1. Send yourself an email or text when they say or do something you never want to forget describing the moment! Then you will not only have the memory preserved but you will have a date stamp as well. 

I love watching videos of kids giving advice.  Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots is a favorite in our house and not just for the talent but the interview before.  If you have young kid, you have a little big shot and they will say the darndest things when you ask so…

  1. Ask them big life questions and video their answers- Trust me. They will love to look back and watch themselves when they are older!

AND most importantly, cherish every moment with them!  Before you know it, they are all grown up and you wonder where the time went! 

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