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Does your child need to master potty training before preschool this fall? Kenson Kids Co-Founder shares 5 steps to getting it right.

For families of preschoolers, summertime is the time to start potty training, as many preschools require children to be out of diapers before they can enter a preschool classroom. In WRAL's recent Go Ask Mom column, Kenson Kids Co-Founder shares these 5 steps to getting it right:

1. Introduce the potty early.

2. Look for readiness signs.

3. Make the time, create a routine, and stay close to home.

4. Be patient and use praise. Our potty-training chart and kit includes everything you need to master this milestone in a fun and stress-free way. 

5. Use proper hygiene. Our potty-training chart encourages and rewards this important step as well.

Read the full article here, and be on the road to a diaper-free lifestyle in plenty of time for the first day of preschool!




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