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We Can Do It! Classroom Chart
We Can Do It! Classroom Chart

We Can Do It! Classroom Chart

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The new “We Can Do It!” Classroom Chart is perfect for preschool and elementary classrooms and allows teachers to catch their students being good.  The chart communicates classroom expectations, reinforces positive behaviors and encourages important social skills for school success.

The chart is dry erasable which makes it flexible for teachers to customize to their classroom needs. It tracks up to 24 students, includes 30 colorful static cling tasks, and 150 fun reward stars. The colorful pictures make the tasks easy to understand for pre-readers and kids love to earn their stars!

Tasks Included:

Use Good Manners
Use My Words
Wait My Turn
Use My Walking Feet
Wash My Hands
Work Independently
Get Along With Others
Be a Good Sport
Be Helpful
Be Honest
Do a Good Deed

​Clean Up
Sit Criss Cross
Follow the Rules
Raise My Hand
Have Good Playground Manners
Be a Good Listener
Use the Potty
Cover when I Sneeze or Cough

Keep My Hands to Myself
Include Others
Use My Inside Voice
Line Up Quietly
Use Manners While Others are Talking
Rest Quietly
Show Respect
Stay in My Seat
Stop and Think
Use Good Table Manners