Movez™ The Game that Gets Kids Moving!


Movez™ The Game that Gets Kids Moving!


Movez™ is a fun, interactive game for kids 3-93!  Roll the dice, pick a card then either find it, act it, or do it before the time runs out!  The action cards are designed to get kids moving in a fun way!

  • Movez is a unique, educational game!
  • Gets everyone up and moving!
  • Encourages Critical Thinking!
  • Helps Teach Colors, Shapes, Letters and Textures
  • Helps Improve Coordination and Motor Skills!
  • ​Fun for the Whole Family!


  • 1 Jumbo Foam Die
  • 1 30 Second Sand Timer
  • 25 Star Tokens
  • ​48 Action Cards 
    (16 Find It, 16 Act It, 16 Do It)


We are proud to announce that the Movez game recently won the Tillywig Award for Best Family Fun and the Toy Insider's Top Summer Toys Award!  


Here is what Tillywig had to say:

This fabulous, fast-paced game offers up lots of variety, physical activity, creativity, and fun! Movez takes only seconds to learn and provides tremendous play value and an abundance of social interaction. Players (or teams) take turns rolling the jumbo die and drawing a card from whichever of the 3 card piles is indicated. The 30 second timer is then flipped and the action and hilarity kick into high gear. Find It! cards require a player to get up and find an item matching the description on the card before time runs out. With Act It! cards, the player must act out the task (no talking) until another player guesses what they are acting out. Do It! cards inspire full-on action (lunges, jumping jacks, arm circles, etc.) that must be maintained for the full 30 seconds. Each time a task is completed within the allotted time, that player or team collects a star token. The first to earn 5 tokens wins the game! Three special play options on the die throw exhilarating curve balls into the fun, helping make Movez one of the best party and family games we have seen in some time! For 2 to 4 players.