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Create Summertime Memories with your Family Using our Free Bucket List Printable

With the busy lives children lead, it can be a challenge to find the time for making memories together as a family. Dinnertime was once a time that families could sit down together at the end of the day to connect, but sports practices and other activities often interfere.

That's why we created this free summer bucket list printable, to help you make the most of the long days of summer, when the kids are home from school. 

Summer vacations provide wonderful memory-making experiences, but the little things can also be just as memorable: trying a new food (such as the dill pickle flavor at Pelican's Snowballs), incorporating a regular family game night into your week (try our Movez(TM) game!), or getting lost in a new book series together.

Download our printable here, then use it as a guide to fill your summer with lots of memory-making fun!


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