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ADHD resources

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From our Blog:

How our On Track System was created. 

Posted October 02, 2018
A personal story of how co-founder Jen Kent started the On Track System to help her ADHD son thrive.

Teaching Children Focus and Organization.
Posted August 28, 2017


On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System Review. Posted April 30, 2014.

Other Helpful Sources:

Never Punish a Child for Behavior Outside His Control
This article is on point for how to look at the ADHD child’s behavior. It points our how difficult it is to understand that ADHD/ADD kids aren’t bad kids, they simply can’t conform to what we and the school system traditionally expect of our kids.
Why Children With ADHD Need Structure and Routines
This article reinforces the idea behind our On Track System. All kids thrive on routine and structure but especially the ADHD child.

20 Tips for Helping Kids with ADHD Succeed in School 
Dr. Hallowell offers a variety of advice that all parents of ADHD kids need to hear.